4 Reasons To See A Dermatologist For An Annual Check-Up

2 October 2017
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When most people think of routine health exams, they tend to think of their yearly physicals, dentist appointments, and eye exams. However, did you know that most adults should also be seeing a dermatologist once a year for a check-up? If you're not doing so already, there are many reasons to start, such as:

Keep an Eye on Moles

Perhaps the main reason to start seeing a dermatologist at least once a year is to stay on top of any changes in the moles on your body. A dermatologist specializing in spotting potentially dangerous moles that could develop into skin cancer later on. By spotting these questionable moles early, you can have them checked out and treated as soon as possible if they turn out to be cancerous.

Spot Signs of Skin Conditions

Aside from signs of skin cancer, a dermatologist can also be on the lookout for underlying signs of other skin conditions as part of your annual exam. After all, your skin is the single biggest organ on your body, so there are a number of conditions and diseases that it is, unfortunately, susceptible to. Your dermatologist may be able to identify signs of skin conditions before the symptoms even become obvious to you, and with early detection, treatment is often more effective and successful.

Explore Treatments for Acne

Even if your skin is perfectly healthy, you could suffer from unsightly blemishes and pimples. Fortunately, a dermatologist will be able to make custom-tailored recommendations to treat and manage acne and similar conditions. This is especially helpful if you haven't seen any luck with traditional acne treatments, as your dermatologist may be able to write you a prescription for a more powerful treatment.

Stay on Top of Your Health

Even if your annual dermatologist appointment does not bring up any issues, seeing your dermatologist at least once a year is a great way to take care of your overall health. Furthermore, you'll enjoy added peace of mind when you get a clean bill of health from your dermatologist. This peace of mind alone is worth the approximately half hour each year that you'll spend at your dermatologist's office.

Your skin is your largest organ, so be sure to take care of it. If you haven't yet seen your dermatology office for an exam this year, now is the time to schedule one. If you need a referral, speak to your primary care physician.