See A Dermatologist If You Have Rhinophyma Symptoms

18 July 2023
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Your nose can develop all sorts of conditions throughout your life that should prompt you to seek care from a medical professional. While an ear, nose, and throat specialist is a good doctor to consult if you have issues inside of your nose, a dermatologist should be your go-to health professional for issues on the nose's exterior. One condition that some people experience is called rhinophyma, which is an inflammatory condition that can dramatically alter the appearance of your nose. Some people find rhinophyma to be embarrassing, so it's important to consult with a dermatologist as soon as you begin to suspect that you have this condition. Here are some signs of rhinophyma.

Increased Size And Shape Change

A telltale sign of a nose that has rhinophyma is that it increases in size and may even change shape. People who have severe rhinophyma will often have a nose that is noticeably larger than it once was. In some cases, the nose can become so large that it drastically changes the look of your face as a whole. In terms of shape changes, the nose can become bulbous on one or both sides, as well as stick out farther from your face.

Oily Surface

When a nose has rhinophyma, it will often develop a highly oily surface. While many peoples' noses can be a little oily at various times, the oil that is often present in a case of rhinophyma is much more than you've likely experienced in the past. You might try to control the oil on the nose by wiping it with a washcloth several times a day, but this effort may feel futile in certain situations. The oily surface will affect the look of your nose and may leave you feeling embarrassed, which is why it's important to consult a dermatologist.

Large Pores

The pores on peoples' noses can vary in size due to several different factors. When someone develops rhinophyma, the pores on the nose become larger as the nose increases in size. This is another part of this nose condition that some people may feel is off-putting and embarrassing. In certain cases, the pores can become so large that they're difficult to ignore. There are many different ways that your dermatologist can treat your rhinophyma to improve the look of your nose. Reach out to a dermatologist in your area for more information about this condition.