How To Freeze-Frame Fat For A Sleeker, Younger-Looking Body

22 April 2017
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The human body relies on fat to maintain body temperature. Unfortunately, fat cells collect in places where they are not wanted and not wholly necessary, such as under your chin. As a result, your face looks older and you look like you have a "poo belly" (the phrase commonly used to describe bloated bellies of people who are constipated and have not been able to go to the restroom in a few days). It can make you feel really self-conscious and uncomfortable in your clothes. Thankfully, a new procedure can freeze away fat and give you a sleeker body and younger-looking face. Here is how.

The Cool Wand

The fat-freezing process uses a cool wand to target pocketed areas of fat on your body. Since your body's natural response to cold is to release fat from fat cells for energy, the wand is tricking the fat cells in these areas to release the fat, which the body recognizes it does not need and flushes it out. Unless your entire body is freezing, your body thinks that the released fat cells are a mistake, which is why they are flushed shortly after release.

Areas Where the Wand Is Applied

There are several areas where the cool wand is applied. The chin, obviously, is one, while the abdomen is a close second. Hips, buttocks, love handles around the waist, bra side bulges, back fat, and thighs follow closely behind. It essentially works on just about any area of the body where there are fat cells just below the skin. It does not damage your skin, nor does it remove visceral fat, which are fat cells that surround your internal organs, keep them warm and keep them from shutting down. It is the safest way to destroy unwanted fat cells without surgery.

Treatments Needed to See Results

Most double chins are treatable in one to four treatments, but results are seen within one to two treatments. Pockets of body fat require several more treatments to get a smoother, sleeker look. The more deposits of fat you have, the more treatments you need. This is typically why most dermatologists will only do cool body sculpting on people who have lost a lot of weight but cannot get rid of the last stubborn pockets of fat. You may also find dermatologists who will only do cool body sculpting on just the chin area. Still, the results of cool sculpting are worth it, and the total lack of incisions or invasive procedures makes even the most timid patient want to try it.

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