Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Scarring After Undergoing The Mohs Procedure

3 August 2017
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The Mohs surgical procedure is meant to remove any squamous or basal skin cancer cells from the skin. Healing properly from this procedure is important when it comes to preventing scars after the procedure.

The following are five things you can do to prevent scarring after undergoing the Mohs procedure:

Apply ice in the days following surgery to prevent swelling

It's important to prevent swelling at the wound site. Swelling can make it more difficult for the surgical wound to close up through the healing process.

The most effective and simple way to prevent swelling is to put ice or a cold pack on the wound site. This will relieve any swelling or inflammation. Discuss a good regime for regularly applying ice to the site with your surgeon. 

Don't allow the surgery site to be exposed to sun while you're healing

Exposure to sunlight can cause burning of the skin around the wound. This will make it more difficult for your skin to heal and could lead to permanent scarring. Sunburn at the surgery site can also drastically increase the pain and discomfort you feel as your body heals from the surgery. 

Keep the surgery site clean while the wound heals

Your surgeon should instruct you on precautions you need to take after the procedure to keep the wound site clean. If you don't regularly clean the site of the surgery wound, you'll be put at risk of infection.

A cleaning regime should include applying a silicone dressing to the wound site that will prevent scars, promote cleanliness, and facilitate healing. 

Know how to recognize infection

One of the major reasons why significant scarring can occur after Mohs surgery is because infection takes root in the wound. You can recognize a developing infection by symptoms like a growing redness around the surgery site, enlarged lymph nodes, excessive pain after surgery, and fever. 

The sooner you notify your surgeon of any of these symptoms, the more quickly you can begin combating any wound infection that could aggravate or cause scarring. 

Don't put stress on the area of your skin where the surgery took place right after the operation

It's always important to take it easy in the days after surgery to promote healing. When it comes to Mohs surgery, avoid putting any stress on the surgery site.

Don't do any heavy lifting or engage in physical exercise that puts stress on the muscles and skin at the surgery site until you've had adequate time to begin the healing process. Visit a site like for more help