Discover How To Combat Acne And Improve The Condition Of Your Skin

15 September 2016
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If you are dealing with acne, you may feel insecure and self-conscious when you go out. Although blemishes often appear on both girls and boys during puberty, there are adults who continue to suffer from breakouts long after puberty. You may notice several different types of acne on your skin, including cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads. If you have already tried dozens of products and are still struggling, you may wonder if you will ever achieve clear skin. Read More 

Tips for Preparing Your Skin before Laser Hair Removal

4 March 2016
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You are tired of the inconvenience of shaving, the pain involved with waxing, and the horrible smell of depilatory creams—and are looking for a better option. This is why you've chosen laser hair removal, but before you head to your first session, it is important to prep your skin. Preparing your skin properly for laser hair removal will help ensure the process is more effective. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your skin for laser hair removal: Read More 

When Is Surgery The Best Option For Your Chronic Acne?

14 December 2015
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If you spent your teen years battling blackheads, whiteheads, or painful red zits, you may have longed to reach adulthood -- when you could finally put skin problems behind you for good (at least until you began to develop wrinkles). But as you may have unfortunately discovered, aging out of your teens doesn't necessarily mean an improvement in your skin. For those who find themselves still dealing with embarrassing acne outbreaks well into their adult years, surgery may be a viable option to help permanently remove the debris holding your pores open or minimize the appearance of scars from past acne experiences. Read More 

Treat Yourself And Your Psoriasis Symptoms With A Trip To The Ocean Beach

19 May 2015
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In most people, new skin cells grow deep within the skin and mosey on up to the skin's surface in about a month. If you have psoriasis, though, your immune system could kick into overdrive at any given moment and cause those skin cells to rush to the surface of your skin in as little as two days. This expedited process results in a buildup of red, scaly skin cells that both itch and hurt at the same time. Read More 

5 Ways Dermatologists Help You With Acne

13 April 2015
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Acne is embarrassing, annoying and can even be painful. If you have acne that just won't go away, a dermatologist can provide specialized treatments to help clear up your skin once and for all. If you are considering going to a general dermatology specialist, check out these five common acne treatment methods, so you know what to expect. They Prescribe Topical Acne Medications There are many different types of acne medications, and when over-the-counter medications and cleansers don't work, dermatologists prescribe more powerful solutions. Read More